About Me

I have been in the Automotive Industry for almost 30 Years. Cars are not just my profession, they are my passion. I love the cars themselves, as much as I love the business. My knowledge of exotic and high-line European Automobiles is unsurpassed. In addition to selling over 2500 of these gems, I have worked in the very core of the industry. From reconditioning, to prototype/concept cars and an automotive production company, my behind the scenes experience gives me much insight and knowledge that I share with my customers. I work hard to maintain positive relationships with all of my customers, many who have bought numerous cars from me over the years. I have been married for 14 years to my wife Tasha and we have three children. I live in Orange County California, where EVERYONE drives AWESOME cars. I love tennis, swimming, volleyball, and the beach.  I am a devoted family man and an active member in my church and community.  
I hope my passion, knowledge, and experience with European Cars enlightens, entertains, and excites you, as much as it does me.